smells like a leprechaun's butt...

March 18, 2020 General

shut er down..

So unless you've been self meditating in a desert for the past 12 days..or a cast member on Big Brother...the world's a little bit different now...Susan and I are pretty much in self isolation with little dude, only stepping out when absolutely necessary. With not one, but two auto-immune diseases, I'm taking every precaution right now. The common cold turns into pneumonia for me so not taking any chances until public health gives us the ok.

I'm damn proud of my fellow Torontonians and friends for doing what's best to combat this, many fully aware that the economic cost to them will be high. Support your local shops and businesses were you can, buy from your fav artists or authors online, if you're going to be stuck at home you may as well look at some nice stuff. When this is over with visit your local bar AND TIP YOUR SERVER! Bar and restaurant staff are going to be hit the hardest in this, go see your buddy's band and PAY COVER.

I bought some new photography toys, so I'll still be creating while stuck at home working on some still life images, like some of Susan's work below..

We did take a small sojourn to McDonald's however and introduced the gremlin to Shamrock Shakes for the very first time...."it tastes wieeeeerd...smells like a Leprechauns butt"

One of Beyond the Dark Veil's entomology shadow boxes.

the gremlin's first Shamrock Shake...